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Please note that the Heliport is the property of North Frontenac Township, is operated by ORNGE, and has no connection with Tomvale.  Helicopters using it may be on a different frequency. 

We are letting the runway return to a gravel surface. Starting on the grass will prevent any prop abrasion.

To prevent damage to the runway and your aircraft:

1.  All 180 degree turns on the ground must be made on the grass. If you cannot turn around on the grass shoulder, then proceed to the end of the runway and make your turn on the grass. Do not turn on the ends of the asphalt. All takeoffs are to be made from the grass. Please do not turn by locking a brake.

2. When taking off from RWY 23, taxi to the end of the grass, going around the right (south) side of the threshold lights, (see sketch), and turn left to line up with the runway between the two sets of threshold lights.

3. Safety first of course, but do not rely on heavy braking for landing. Please do an overshoot if your touchdown will not take place in the first third of the runway.

4. All cars must enter through the west gate, (see sketch).  Do not use the access around the garages, as this is not a road.


We have a right handed circuit on RWY 23 to separate traffic on the lake from Tomvale traffic,  to prevent undue noise over cottagers, and most recently to keep traffic away from the cell tower on the south side of the lake.  There is a also a very regular floatplane who lands on the adjacent lake. Be aware of Military, Ministry of Natural Resources and Air Ambulance aircraft  who may not be on 122.8.  See and avoid.  Also, do not confuse our private advisory frequency with our UNICOM on 122.8.


Weather information can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources weather station at Tomvale through their forest fire monitoring website. To do so follow these instructions:

Click here for the MNR forest fire website

You will get detailed information about the weather at Tomvale, including wind direction and speed. The website is quite slow, so be patient.


Our apologies, but we no longer have aviation fuel. Please keep this in mind when arriving here.

Night Flying

Night flying is not recommended unless you are experienced with both short runways and instrument flying.  Taking off from our runway puts you into a 'black hole' effect where you see nothing.  You must use your instruments until at an altitude high enough to see other lights and an horizon.  Although the hydro poles at the RWY 23 end are lit with a spotlight, and a retro-reflective ball is on the lines, the approach from this end requires a fairly high glidepath which may not give you enough stopping room.  Lights are activated by 5 clicks on and 3 clicks off. We will give you the frequency if you require it.

Tomvale Airport Hydro Lines at the 23 End

Turf Runway

The turf runway is very useful in the event of strong crosswinds. However, be aware that it is short, with trees at one end. We highly recommend that you do not use it for landing unless you have used it previously. 


Although in the 33 years we have been here, we have never had a problem of any kind, (we sleep over your aircraft), we accept no responsibility or liability for any damage to you, your passengers, or your aircraft, in any way, however caused. 


Simply put, the fee for itinerant aircraft is $20 per day. This includes the landing fee.  For example, if you land here Monday and leave Tuesday, you are charged two days, no matter how late on the Monday you arrive.

Tiedown (including landing fees, and payable in advance.) Day $20
Week $100
Season $600
Year $
Commercial A/C Landing Fee $40/Day
Private A/C Landing Fee $20

Landing Fee Without Prior Permission  - You Don't Want to Know!

Seasonal tiedown runs from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving, and includes car and all landing fees.

Thank you for respecting these procedures.

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Updated - 04/18/22