Plevna/Tomvale Airport (CNA9)

We are "Prior Permission Required". Please phone us prior to your expected arrival, (No Exceptions).
If you have a problem with this, read "Notes on Prior Permission", below.

No pilot may land here without first having read the Procedures page (below).

Tomvale Airport Procedures

Please note that the Heliport is the property of North Frontenac Township, is operated by ORNGE, and has no connection with Tomvale.

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Tomvale Waterfront Community

Tomvale Airport from the North

Tomvale Airport Aerial 2

Tomvale Airport Aerial Shot with Lake

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Airport data as shown in the Canadian Flight Supplement

Tomvale Airport Canada Flight Supplement Sketch

REF N44 54 58 W76 56 09 3S 13_W
UTC-5(4) Elev 890' A5000 F21
OPR Tomvale Air Svcs Ltd 613-479-2625 Reg

PPR - Landing Fees

PF A-1,2,3,5 D-4,6
FSS W2 (F) Kingston 800-267-2215
W1 (F) London 800-265-1031
No longer available
Tomvale Air Svcs 123.3
RWY DATA Rwy 05(047°)/23(227°) 2400x75 gravel
Thld displ 400'.
Rwy 18/36 1200x75 turf
RCR Opr Ltd win maint
LIGHTING 23-(TE LO), 05-(TE LO) ARCAL-122.8
type J, ARCAL inop when A/D attended.
ATF unicom ltd hrs O/T tfc 122.8 5NM
3900 ASL
PRO Right hand circuits rwy 23.
CAUTION Float plane base 0.5S. P-lines
40 AGL loc aprx 800' fr thld rwy 23.

Heliport adjacent to aerodrome. Pilots may not be on the same frequency.


Weather information can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources weather station at Tomvale through their forest fire monitoring website.

Click here for the MNR forest fire website

To do so follow these instructions:
1. Accept the disclaimer
2. Click on the weather symbol in the top menu
3. Scroll down to PLE (Plevna).

You will get detailed information about the weather at Tomvale, including wind direction and speed. The website is quite slow, so be patient.


We have an ARCAL on a different frequency for the times we are not here. However, please contact us on 122.8 if you require lights.

Please address radio communications to "Tomvale".

Tomvale Crater

Notes on Prior Permission

First of all, the following does not apply to the vast majority of pilots in the aviation community who are wonderful people, nor to the many pilots who supported us when we were operating the airport as a business. We apologize in advance to those people, and this is intended for the few exceptions in the aviation community. Thank you to all those who have respected our wishes since we have become Prior Permission Required.

This is our home. It is not our business. We are a privately owned aerodrome, and we receive no funding whatsoever in any way from anyone. We welcome visiting pilots, but need to know in advance so we can adjust our schedule. This is also for your safety, so you are aware of the possible hazards landing here.

This is our property and we have every right to use it in any way we see fit. When you land here without prior permission, you are trespassing on private property. In addition, it usually means that you are taking up our time and resources, sometimes for days, while you wait out the weather, or we find a place for you to stay then drive you there, or wait for your AME to get here etc. All this takes place unexpectedly in the middle of our regularly scheduled lives.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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