Unsolicited, real comments received from pilots who have used our software.

From Flight Schools:

A request for another CD - software package for Private Pilot - Aeroplane please!! Before long, all our students will be equipped with Tomvale programs! Obviously we think very highly of your work. A... just took the Class 2 Instructor's written test after studying almost exclusively with your instructor's program -- and he scored high enough to pass the Class 1 as well!! Not too shabby. P.A.

A.B. is the CFI here now and speaks highly of the programme and process. I have seen it and used some of your ideas when working with a student. Congratulations on a great product... We have had great results with the discs that I have asked students to buy on their own from Aviation World etc. but I would like to be able to offer them a deal as a part of our programme. Congrats on a great bunch of material. C.G.

Love your software and continue to recommend it to my students and acquaintances. L.P.

After using your software, I wrote the Ultra-Light Instructor Exam and thought they had only given me part of it. I finished it in ten minutes and got 96%. I am now ordering it for my students. Harold P.

Thank-you for the gift ... I will be ordering many more CDs in the future for my students. Great job! M.R.

From Transport Canada Personnel:

Hi. I just completed the exam for the helicopter instructor exam and I wanted to give you some feedback on your program. In general the program was a very good review for the 6 areas that had questions. It is surprising how much you forget over the years...this program which I found very helpful in providing a complete review both for helicopter and fixed wing. Thanks Very Much. K.W. Transport Canada.

Thank you very much for the new updated disc; very timely because I am off to Calgary for the Helicopter Instructor Refresher Course on November 1 and I like to you demo your package as I think that it is a great training aid for the schools. R.P. Transport Canada

Hi. From my initial look at the program, I am impressed with the layout and the ease of loading it on my computer. Thank you for sending me this program so quickly and I will provide feedback to you as I progress with the program. K.W. Transport Canada Civil Aviation

From Pilot Candidates:

Quick update. I passed the Private Pilot Airplane Land written exam yesterday Friday 12 May with a score of 80%. Your program was a big help in me achieving that grade...Of all the programs and resources that I used, and believe me there were many over the years, yours was extremely helpful...Thank you. Your program was a big help. J.Z. Mississippi

Great! I had your CD for the Private 6 years ago or so and I believe I had it on my work computer and my home as well. I averaged 92 overall on the private test. I want to do the same on the Commercial. Thanks. T.J.

Just came home from writing the AIRAT exam at TC. I did well - but I found it quite different from the last time I wrote it. I wrote this exam about 3 years ago but I was shy of the grade I needed for a Class One. I found your software very useful in the areas of Aeronautics and Instructor. My score was 82.7%. Thanks again and perhaps I will see you again with one of my students. H.V.

I purchased your commercial pilot (aeroplane) software and have been very satisfied. The very few errors have been corrected in the updates... and overall the format is excellent. K.E.

Thank you very much. I am gonna be writing my TC really soon and I find this software to be of great help. Thanks again! M.M.

Thank you for your prompt response...I will await to receive this one...will place the other order. Your product was strongly recommended by commercial helicopter pilots here in Penticton. Cheers, O.

Hi: I received the disk and installed the program on my desktop computer, works fine with Vista, .and I am truly impressed with the remarkable workmanship of your product, .as a matter of fact, I would like to order another copy... for a friend of mine P.T.

I am using your program at my instructor's location, however I would like my own for added convenience. I do believe you have an excellent product that will easily produce a first time pass. Having worked about 3 hrs. on air law I can now achieve an average of over 90%. J.J.

Just a note to say Thank you VERY much for the use of your computer program. It was Great! I spent many nights on my laptop doing test after test and the dictionary is a fantastic tool. It was surprising how many questions were similar to the real exam. S.S.
I would like to add that after reading some of the other comments that I also owe a debt of gratitude to your testing package. The different modes allowed for quick confirmation of knowledge and the resources to look up incorrect answers quickly to maximize learning time. I have recommended your package to a fellow (American) student,...and she was stating that we had nothing like your program...Keep up the excellent work. P.P.

Hi, I purchased "test" Tomvale Exam Software last fall. Found the information and exams to be very helpful. I passed the Transport Canada Private Pilot license written exam easily thanks to your software. B.F.

Thanx C....Even though I passed my Rec Pilot Airplane exam years ago with 90.2% average, I still like to refer to my Ground School disk...

By the way thank you for your software, it is amazing. It helped me get to being an instructor in a year. It helped so much. Thanks again. K.B

Your product was strongly recommended by commercial helicopter pilots here in Penticton YYF. O.C.

My name is...and I bought the software from you when I lived in...Please let me know what I need to do to get it up and running again. I enjoy using it to keep the old brain remembering my aviation knowledge. P.P.

About six years ago, I purchased your software to help me obtain my commercial licence. This was the first step to fulfilling my life long dream of becoming an airline pilot...I am just e-mailing to let you know that largely due to Tomvale, I have finally succeeded and am flying right seat on a 737... A big thank you and God Bless. K.L.

Thank you for e-mailing me about the free update for my Private Aeroplane CD...I really do appreciate this service. Again it is so wonderful to see a Canadian presence on the internet concerning aviation. G.M.

...I passed with a 91% overall. The breakdown was: Air Law 100%, Navigation 89%, Meteorology 93%, and Aeronautics / General Knowledge 83%. This was the last step for me to obtain the license since I had passed the flight test last fall, but never seemed to have enough time to prepare for the written. Purchasing your Test software and installing it on my laptop was a major step in overcoming this problem since I was able to study in a convenient manner whenever a few minutes became available, noting areas that required further review of FGU or the AIP for when I got home. The format of Test was also a great help in preparing for the format of the exam -- some of the questions were, in fact, almost identical. The familiarity which your software required me to have with the Toronto VNC was also of great help since the exam navigation problem dealt with a trip from Stanhope to Gananoque to Ottawa, areas well-covered in the Test programme. If I decide to go on and study for the IFR rating or Commercial license, you can be sure that one of my first steps will be to get the relevant programme from you. Thank you both for the software and the service. Both are excellent...Peter B.

I have downloaded your demo version which helped me attain a 98% on my pre-solo PSTAR exam. It is very nice to see a Canadian presence on the Internet concerning flight training in Canada. There seems to be so much out there on the FAA. Thank goodness someone like you is out there for Transport Canada and all of her lovely rules. Thank you very much. Gordon M.

Over the past year, I have been using the PPL software and my 91% pass on the PPAER owes a great deal to this fine package. So thanks for the help! D.N.

I must say that it has been the best tool I have ever used to help me get my license, as I am a bit of a slow learner. Thank you for helping make it possible for me to fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot. W.S.

About Our Product Support:

Hi C, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I actually temporarily solved the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the program... I really appreciate your software. Good job. And thanks again for getting back to me so quickly. Have a great day. Cheers, L.

Dear C, The (software) package was hand delivered yesterday. Thank you for the great service. G.R.

Hi, I am amazed at your tech support. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day I contact you I receive an immediate response. I am impressed! J.J.

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your amazing support. I phoned from BC not realizing that it was midnight on Sun in Ontario and still got my questions answered. Thanks so much! R.A.

Thanks. Wow it's getting late over there. Go to bed. Appreciate the prompt response:)

Just a quick note to say a big THANKS for the program, and the personal assistance you gave me in my quest for the Right Stuff! Just so you know, I passed the LAST thing today, which was the Oral Flight Planning portion of the flight test. Your assistance was invaluable in not only completing this, but also in UNDERSTANDING the how and the why. I don't believe that anywhere really walks a student through the process of flight planning. From the selection of the RPM and its relationship to Pressure altitude, through the TAS/CAS/IAS steps, then to the final compass adjustment based on the compass card. You helped me out a lot, and your offer of continued assistance was, I believe, above and beyond. Again my heartfelt thanks. J.B.

Just a note to thank you for the excellent product support...I know of no other company which would walk me through the software at 11:00 on a Saturday night. Bravo!...T.S.

About Tomvale's Other Software:

Softpedia Review for Tomvale Aviation Calculator:

5 stars
A calculator dedicated to student pilots and experienced pilots alike, allowing them to determine pressure, altitude, air density and wind speed

Tomvale Ground School - Aviation Calculator is a handy tool for all pilots and student pilots, allowing them to quickly perform math calculations to determine pressure, true air speed, density altitude and so on.

It can be used to determine crosswind component, the airplane heading, wind direction, dewpoints, as well as lookup an airport in a large database comprising all the heliports and aerodromes in U.S. and Canada.

Softpedia Review for Tomvale Friendly Passwords:

4 Stars

Generate secure passwords by using this application that doesn't store your data, but uses inputted information to create and remember passkeys

If you're concerned about your online security, the first step you might want to take would be changing your passwords into ones that are more complex, therefore harder to crack.
In this situation, you can safely resort to specialized software solutions such as Tomvale Friendly Passwords that can help you generate and manage passwords for various accounts.

Generates secure passwords

Unlike other password managers or generators that let you customize your password to its finest detail, this application doesn't even let you see it. You just generate it and use it for various accounts with ease.

In order to do so, you simply need to type a secret word that can be anything you can think of, from your childhood friend's name to your mother's maiden name or the street you grew on, and a website you want the passkey for. The app will then generate a password, with or without symbols, according to your needs.

Doesn't store the passkeys

Another trait that makes Tomvale Friendly Passwords safe is the fact that it doesn't store any passwords anywhere on your computer. When you launch the application, you need to type a PIN that will be saved on the current computer. If you want to use the app on another machine, you need to remember the PIN.

The principle behind this app is that it generates passwords based on the PIN and data you input in the blank "Secret Word" and "Destination" fields so that you don't have to worry about someone stealing your password database and cracking it. Of course, this doesn't make it foolproof, but as long as you protect your PIN, destination and secret word, there's almost no chance anyone can crack your passkeys.

No configuration menus

Given that its functionality is quite simple, you don't need to configure this application in any way before starting to use it, as it doesn't feature a standard configuration menu.
However, it does come with a bunch of extra functions. For instance, you can generate passwords with or without symbols, copy the password to clipboard (comes in handy, since you can't actually see the password, as it is hidden behind asterisks), activate an on-screen keyboard (which can help you protect yourself against keyloggers) and a set of instructions.

Handy password generator that doesn't store your records

All in all, if you're looking for a secure password generator, you might give Tomvale Friendly Passwords a try, as it can create complex passwords for you without storing them on your computer. It remembers passkeys based on the data you input in its dedicated fields and can be used on a different machine if you remember the PIN that is required during startup.

Freewarefiles Editor's Review for Tomvale Friendly Passwords:

Reviewed on March 31, 2017
4 Stars

With the increasing incidents of security breaches involving hacked passwords, it is crucial to have a strong password that is almost impossible to crack. The downside is that remembering such strong passwords is a challenge. Therefore, many people either let their web browsers remember their passwords or store the log-in credentials in a file. Unfortunately, both methods still leave the users vulnerable. Tomvale Friendly Passwords is a powerful password generator that solves these challenges.

How it Works
The lightweight application does not store your data on a computer in some encrypted form. Basically, you enter required details and the software creates a passkey that is associated with the details. Even the user does not see the generated password. The program only displays asterisks by default but you may choose to display your passwords although this is not recommended.

When you launch the password generator for the first time, you will need to create a 4-digit PIN followed by your secret word. You will then choose and enter the destination where you want to use the password, such as your e-mail, website or device. Finally, click the "Get Password" button to generate a password that you can copy to the Clipboard.
The application will generate the same password whenever you provide the same details.

No matter how many passwords you create, you only need to remember the associated secret words and destinations.

Strong Passwords

Tomvale Friendly Passwords generates passwords consisting of numbers, lower-case letters, upper-case letters and special characters. Each password contains at least 16 characters. Depending on the destination, you may need to create a password without symbols.

Changing Passwords

Since it is important to change passwords from time to time, how do you do this with passwords that you don't even know? Simple: just change the secret word and the program will automatically generate a new password.


Since you won't create a file that you store on multiple locations, how do you access your passwords from different devices or locations? You only need to keep a copy of the software on your device and you will be good to go. Please note that you will need to use the same details, including the PIN.


The PIN will protect you against possible attempts at reverse engineering. Even when someone discovers your secret word and destination, the program will still provide 10,000 different options without your PIN. The application also allows you to launch and use an on-screen keyboard to prevent against key loggers. In case you suspect that you may be forced to reveal your password, simply remove the software from your device. You will still get your credentials when you download the program later and use your PIN and relevant secret words and destinations.

Tomvale Friendly Passwords is an intuitive password generator that not only creates strong passwords but also protects users against possible security breaches.

Major Geeks Review for Tomvale Friendly Passwords:

5 stars

Tomvale Friendly Passwords is a free utility designed for generating strong passwords.

Tomvale Friendly Passwords is geared at solving many of the problems with passwords. It is not foolproof but is as close to a solution as one will get. Anytime a password is stored someplace; it can be discovered. If you keep a password file, for example, even if that file is password protected, anyone with access to that file can view your passwords. You should also never have your browser remember passwords. With Tomvale Friendly Passwords, your passwords are never stored anywhere. There is no record of them anywhere. The program generates the same password each time from your secret word and destination.

The secure passwords generated using Tomvale Friendly Passwords are not stored (and thereby accessible to being compromised) but are produced via specific inputted information to create and remember passkeys.

Midas Review for Tomvale Friendly Passwords:

...Tomvale Friendly Passwords homepage (http://friendlypasswords.com/) has a pretty good write up of the benefits of deterministic password generation; in any case, here's my summary of its main points:

* Dynamic (re-)generation
* Memorability not required
* Password strength enforced
* Easy changeability
* Easy accessibility
* Reverse engineering protection
* Security through obscurity
* Plausible deniability

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