Flight School Package Installation Instructions 

The Flight School package can be used on a single computer or on a network. If you are not familiar with how your network is set up, please consult with your tech person. `If you are using it on a network, install the package first on your server, using the instructions below. The server will store the student records, the visual aids, and a copy of the program. Then install the program to each client. Remember that the server location may be named differently on different clients. For example, the folder 'c:\program files' on the server may be mapped as 'g' or called '\\Johnsoffice\c\program files' on the client. You can easily tell by using Windows Explorer on the client, browsing to that folder, and reading its title in the address box. This will also confirm that you have the permissions to access that folder from the client. Write this location down. 

To Install on Each Computer

If you are experienced with networks:

Install the software first on the server. The server acts as central storage for data. Then install on each client, using the server location when asked. The software is always run from the client. This insures compatibility with all systems, and allows a student to use any client, but have their information saved to the server.  At any time during installation, right click for Software Help.

If you are not experienced with networks:

Insert CD into any CD ROM drive and click on START then RUN. (In the following instructions, substitute 'd' with the drive letter of your drive).

Type d:\setup.exe and click on OK. (You may also browse the CD drive for the file 'setup.exe' and double click on it from there. In Windows Vista or 7/8/10, do this but right click and 'run as administrator'.  If another version of the software is already on the computer, you will be asked to uninstall it. Click ‘Yes’.)

Run the package on each computer the first time. The program will ask you for your preferences: Screen Size, Registration Name, and Student File Location. When asked for the student file location, fill it in with what you wrote down for each computer, or leave it blank if you are installing it on a single computer.

The visual aids will be stored in the same folder location as the student records but in a sub-folder called 'images'. Each time you install the software on a client, it will go through the copy process. If the files have already been copied to the server, it will simply verify them, (much quicker than the initial installation). Please insure that you have at least 400 megabytes of drive space on your server.

Once installed, you must register the software via the server, by logging onto any license and clicking on the 'register' button in the bottom right corner of the Main Menu.

Simply Put

The purpose of installing the software to a network is so that the student records reside in a central location. Otherwise a student would have to use the same computer each day to add to his records, and the instructor would need to check all the computers to find out the progress of his students. This central location is called the ‘server’ and the other computers are called the ‘clients’. Because the software is always installed and run on every computer, there is nothing special about the server. It could be any of the computers connected in a network. However, the clients need to be able to ‘talk to’ the server and vice versa. In current versions of Microsoft operating systems this means having the right permissions, i.e. running as administrator. Otherwise when the student tries to save his progress, (which is being sent to the server), the system will prevent this.

In addition, the software is quite large and most of this is data that doesn’t change, i.e. visual aids, textbooks and .pdf files. So rather than install all this data on every computer, and since we are already connected to the server, it gets installed on the server. Each time the software is installed, it checks to see if this data is there, and if so it skips copying it. So the first time it gets installed on the server, the data isn’t there and it gets copied. The next time, it gets installed on the client and the software checks the location it has been given, (you tell it this in the opening dialogue box), sees that the data is already there and skips it. (The software will look like it’s copying, but it has to check every file to make sure that it exists on the server). So what you end up with is a server which has the student records, the static data, and the program, and each client which has only the program. The program is never run from the server, but rather is always run from the client. This makes it compatible with all networks because the server only acts as a central location for data.

If the software tells you it can’t create the student files, it means that the network is not giving the client permission to write to the server, so make sure you have administrator privileges and change the permissions of the software to allow this. If you have any problems, give us a call and we can talk you through it.    

Running the Flight School Package

Insure that the server is on. Click on the icon on the desktop. The CD is not required in the drive. The first time a student uses the package, he will create a logon for himself. To view all of your students' progress, log on with the instructor password. (Omitted here for obvious reasons. You can change this password later.) If you are an individual using the flight school package to work on multiple licenses, you will need to give yourself a logon for each license.

If you encounter any problems please contact us at fly@tomvale.com and attach the files, 'testerror.log' and 'registration.txt' to your e-mail.

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