Installation Instructions for All Software

To install:

Right click on the installation file, (i.e. GS0116setup.exe) and choose 'run as administrator'.

Follow the instructions in the installation package. Depending on the package you are installing, you may be asked for an installation and an activation code. Copy and paste these in when asked.

After the installation is complete, right click on the Tomvale Ground School icon and 'run as administrator. You will only have to do this the first time.  

Tomvale Software has been designed to run on all Windows based operating systems. It is totally self contained, not reliant on any common or external files, and does not write to the registry.  It is installed to only one folder, (usually Program Data), and does not interact with any other folders. 

It does however need to write to that folder in order to operate properly, and thus needs administrator permissions.  The  vast majority of difficulties arise by not running the software 'as administrator.'

Note: Windows 10 contains a bug when in Tablet Mode which fails to display certain components properly. Turn off Tablet Mode when using the software.

If you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to contact us. Our product support is second to none.