Flight School Package Details

The Flight School Package includes all licenses, keeps track of up to 300 students per license, and includes student management utilities.  These utilities allow you to track the progress of all your students by viewing their individual progress charts.  You can also view statistics on each license and see their average progress and  number of students working on that license.  The package may be used on single computers or on a network.  If used on a network, the students records are centrally located on the server.  

Included Licenses and Ratings

Private Ultra-Light
Ultra-Light Instructor
Private or Recreational - Aeroplane
Private or Recreational - Helicopter
Instrument Rating - All
Commercial - Aeroplane
Commercial - Helicopter
Instructor Rating-Aeroplane
Instructor Rating-Helicopter

Updates may be purchased at 60% OFF of the normal package price and will be mailed to you on CD.

Individual packages for your students are available to Flight Schools at a discount.

Only the non-networked Version of the Flight School Package can be downloaded. Please download from our main Software Download Page, and send us the Webcode in the comments below.

The non-networked version  can be installed on up to 10 computers in the same physical location. However, student records will not be kept in a central location.

Package Pricing (Prices to rise on June 1, 2017)

Deployment Price
Non-Networked Flight School Version (Please include webcode.)          $499
Flight School with Less than 10 Computers $649
Flight School with More than 10 Computers $999
College or University $1499


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