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Tomvale operating since 1989. We built, own and operate the  Plevna/Tomvale (NA9) Airport, and provide related services, as well as developed a pilot waterfront community .

We also write and produce the Tomvale Ground School Software Suite, preparing pilot candidates for the Transport Canada written exams, and the FAA written exams. We produce both single user versions for every licence, fixed wing and rotorcraft, as well as a Flight School Package which can be installed stand-alone or networked.

In addition, we produce the stand-alone Tomvale Aviation Calculator, the Tomvale Electronic Pilot Logbook, and Tomvale Friendly Passwords. Our founder is also responsible for Music is Basic, one of the first desktop computer applications, originally written in 1980 and revised since.


1. Tomvale Friendly Password Generator Available for Free.

Tomvale Friendly Passwords

2. Option for software to be preinstalled on a tablet for Apple users.

3. New 17/04 Version of Tomvale Ground School Software with many updates.

4. Tomvale Iron Passwords now available from the website above.

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